The Innovators: Super Sheep

“I might be biased but it’s incredible and we love it.” - Simon Saunders

Super Sheep

When it comes to the ultimate taste test, Southland farmer Simon Saunders admits he’s not impartial. Saunders, who farms at Stag Valley near Lumsden, was an early investor in a project that saw a group of farmers team up with one of the country’s leading sheep geneticists, Aimee Charteris. They found the key traits they wanted in Romneys, Texels, Finns and Perendales and developed a new composite sheep called Headwaters, which are good meat producers and hardy. He believes they’ve come up with the perfect sheep for steeper country, "If they can’t handle being out on the hill, then they’re not the sheep we want,” he says.  

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